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For international nurses seeking opportunities in Canada, there’s good news. Many hospitals across the country actively recruit nurses from around the world. Canada’s healthcare system recognizes and appreciates the expertise and dedication of foreign-trained nurses, offering various programs to facilitate their recruitment.

Compiling a comprehensive inventory of all Canadian hospitals actively engaging in the recruitment of international nurses presents considerable challenges owing to the dynamic nature of the job market. However, I am able to delineate notable healthcare systems and hospitals renowned for their proactive recruitment of international nursing professionals. For the most current employment opportunities, it is advisable to peruse their official websites or engage in direct correspondence.

  1. University Health Network (UHN), Toronto, Ontario – One of Canada’s largest and most prominent hospital networks, often recruiting a range of healthcare professionals, including nurses.
  2. Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver, British Columbia – Provides health services in Vancouver and surrounding areas, and is known for diverse employment opportunities.
  3. Alberta Health Services (AHS), Alberta – As the provincial health authority, AHS operates hospitals and facilities throughout Alberta and frequently recruits nurses, including those from overseas.
  4. Fraser Health Authority, British Columbia – Covers a large region in British Columbia and is another major employer of healthcare professionals, including international nurses.
  5. Saskatchewan Health Authority, Saskatchewan – Manages hospitals and health services across Saskatchewan and is a potential employer for international nurses.
  6. Nova Scotia Health Authority, Nova Scotia – Provides health services in Nova Scotia and occasionally recruits international nurses, especially in areas where there are shortages.
  7. Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Manitoba – Oversees health care and services in Winnipeg and surrounding areas and may offer opportunities for international nursing professionals.
  8. Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa, Ontario – As one of the largest hospitals in Canada, it often has openings for various nursing roles.
  9. Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario – A family of hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Hamilton region that recruits a wide range of healthcare staff.
  10. McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), Montreal, Quebec – A renowned hospital network that may offer opportunities for bilingual (French and English) nurses.
  11. Sinai Health System, Toronto, Ontario – Known for its research and teaching hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, part of this system often recruits nurses.

How to Find Job Openings and Apply

  • Visit Hospital Websites: Most hospitals list current job openings in their careers section.
  • Job Portals: Websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, and LinkedIn can also be useful for finding nursing job postings in Canada.
  • Recruitment Agencies: Some agencies specialize in recruiting international nurses for Canadian healthcare institutions.
  • Networking: Joining professional nursing associations in Canada can provide networking opportunities and information on job openings.

Discovering nursing opportunities abroad is dynamic and varies across hospitals and timeframes. Stay in the know by exploring the latest updates from hospitals, health authorities, or dedicated healthcare recruitment agencies.

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